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Single Wheels

We have a vast selection of single wheels, brand new, as new, refurbished and used. After rigorous checks we can refurbish the wheels and can offer them for resale. The best way to find the wheel you are looking for is to use our Search facility at the top of the page.

We also recognise that many modern day cars are supplied without a full size spare wheel. At best, you can expect a space saver which limits you to around 50mph, (personally I would not trust them at walking pace), and they resemble the front wheel of a Raleigh Chopper.

Worst case scenario: after spending thousands of pounds on that car you've always wanted, you are rewarded with a tin of expanding foam instead of a spare wheel. The foam, I'm afraid, does not work. Picture the scenario of travelling in the remote Highlands in pitch darkness and all of a sudden you hit something on the road, the tyre blows out, you have no spare wheel, but only a tin of foam. No mobile phone signal and it's minus 10 degrees. You then pump in the foam and it pours out the sidewall of the tyre. Need I elaborate further. For as little as £60 you could have purchased a proper full size spare wheel.

These wheels are listed below and are updated on a daily basis, so please bookmark this page and you can keep up to date with our constantly changing and increasing stock. They can be purchased singly and we can fit and balance any brand of tyres, new or part worn FREE OF CHARGE. You can even provide your own tyre and we can fit for a nominal charge. 

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