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  • Nitework Nitework The Nitework is painted in a gloss black finish, spoke faces are then polished in the star design, the raised rim edge is subject to the same polishing process and all polished surfaces are coated in lacquer to ensure the quality finish is typically robust.

    15 and 17 inch

    Wheels only: from £395

    Wheels & Tyres: from £525

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  • Assassin Silver Assassin Silver

    One of our most popular wheels, the new Wolfrace Eurosport Assassin, is available in  8.0x18" featuring a centre cap covering the wheel stud holes. Available in 8.0x18" only in Black/ polished or Hyper silver.

    18 inch only

    Wheels only: £480

    Wheels & Tyres: £680

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  • Assassin Black Assassin Black Being a brand that likes to innovate rather than replicate, the new Assassin is a world away from the hundreds of conventional five spoke wheels on the market. The Assassin’s multi-dimensional design ensures it stands out.

    15, 17, 18 inch

    Wheels only: from £400

    Wheels & Tyres: from £525

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