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Alloy Wheels Glasgow


Sometimes it can be a costly exercise renewing your alloy wheels, especially if you want to keep the car original. The following examples cost from £160 to £450 per wheel to replace from the manufacturer. We can offer a refurbishment service costing a fraction of this. In most cases our finish is superior to the original factory finish. In our experience, most alloy wheels show signs of corrosion after five or six years, whereas the bodywork of the car is still near perfect. Refurbishment is the ideal solution to bring your car back to life and is available in a variety of colours.

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Alloy wheels are refurbished due to the following reasons:

  1. Kerbed, scored, or scratched wheels or accident damage.
  2. Inferior finish leading to premature oxidation of the alloy.
    Rims losing pressure due to corrosion of the inner rim.


Our comprehensive refurbishment service consists of the following:

Wheels and tyres removed from vehicle.
Loan wheels provided if required.
Tyres removed and wheels stripped of old balance weights and valves.
Wheels chemically dipped to remove original coating.
Wheels shot blasted to remove any imperfections.
Minor kerbing marks machined.
Wheels powder coated and lacquered.
Baked in oven to cure overall coating.
Tyres blackened and refitted to wheels.
New chrome sleeved valves fitted to wheels and balanced accordingly.
Finally, refurbished wheels refitted to car & torqued to manufacturers specification.


We are often asked about guarantees and quite rightly so. We offer the industry standard of one year guarantee. However, in our 50+ years of experience, powder coating can last in excess of five years if taken care of properly. In the seventies and eighties, we used wet painting techniques to refurbish alloy wheels to varying success. In the early nineties we understood the demands of our customers and moved on to powder coating. We have never looked back. We now have the confidence that our comprehensive refurbishment process is second to none and our rate of customer satisfaction and repeat business is around 99.5%.

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Refurbished Wheels